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Annual Membership Information

What are the steps to joining the Fuel Co-op and getting discounted fuel pricing?

  1. Register for free at the MHFBCO, including confirming your email address.
  2. Once the application window is open, log in to your account and select your fuel supplier(s).
  3. After selecting your supplier(s) you'll be able to take the next step, paying your annual, non-refundable membership fee.
  4. After payment is complete, your account page will display links to your chosen supplier(s), allowing you to set up your contract(s) with them.  Please remember to contract with your suppliers before the deadline.
  5. If you have multiple addresses/accounts with Kosco, you will need to complete a separate contract with Kosco for each location.  You can go back to your MHFBC Account page to access the link again.

Do I have to renew my membership each year?

Yes. Membership is for one year only. Once prices are announced, you can renew your annual membership by paying a non-refundable $10 per supplier fee. This applies to both previous members and those who have just registered.

When can I apply for annual membership?

Annual membership applications for the 2023-2024 heating season will start July 18, 2023 and end August 18, 2023.

If you are a new member purchasing propane from Paraco Gas for the first time, we urge you to apply as soon as possible. This is because there may be a credit check, appliance inspections, and a tank switch from a previous supplier.

I do not have internet access. Can I still join?

If you do not have access to the internet, please check to see if a friend can sign you up online. If this is not possible, please call 845-762-5002 as soon as possible after the enrollment period has opened, and we will try to help you.

I need delivery to more than one address. Do I have to pay for more than one membership?

No, you only need to pay for a single membership. Your membership fee covers the residences you own, and those for which you are responsible for fuel costs. Renters who are responsible for paying fuel costs should register and apply independently of the property owners.

I am a HEAP customer. Will your supplier accept me?

Our suppliers accept HEAP customers, and like all new customers you will be asked to agree to a credit check.

Is my membership transferable?

Membership is not transferable. It is tied to the person, not to the delivery location. As long as our suppliers can deliver to any new location, you can continue to get your fuel at MHFBC prices.

Where can I get information about the membership prices and the current suppliers?

2023-2024 prices and the suppliers will be posted to the "Prices" page of this website as soon as they are negotiated. Prices are also posted on our Facebook page when ready.

How Do I Apply for Membership?

Before you apply for membership, you must be registered on our website.

The entire account application process takes place on the MHFBC website. Register here if you have not done so already. Please save your password in order to later login to your account.

Please be sure to use the same email address for:

Once you register, you will be sent an email to verify your account. This is an important step, since you won't be able to access your account without verifying your email. Your email provider may send our emails to spam/junk or "Promotions" folders, so be sure to look there if you don't see our verification email in your inbox. If you discover our email in your spam/junk folder, please make sure you indicate that it is not spam, so that future emails will more likely go to your inbox. All our emails are sent from [email protected]. If you have any issues receiving the verification email, you can login to your account and choose Account in the upper right. From here you can choose to resend the verification email. If you are still unable to verify your email, call 845-762-5002 or email [email protected], and we can resend the email to you.

Once verified, you can login to your MHFBC account page via this website. On the upper right of our home page, you will see the "Login" link. Please enter your email and password and then click the button to access your account. On your account page, on the right side, there will be any noted 'Next Steps' you need to take. There are a number of steps in this process, and each will appear on your account page once the previous step has been completed.

There are Three Steps to Completing an Annual Membership.

  1. Choose/change your supplier: If newly registered, you must choose a supplier. If you are already a customer with this supplier, please enter your customer account number from a recent bill. Please be sure to press "Confirm" at the bottom of the page to update your supplier. You can edit and add a fuel supplier on your account page by clicking "Change" under your Fuel Supplier information tab.
  2. Pay your annual, non-refundable membership fee: Once the supplier(s) are entered, you will go back into your account page. There will be a link to pay your annual non-refundable membership fee of $10 per supplier.
  3. Contract with your Supplier:

    After paying the MHFBC's membership fee, and returning to your MHFBC account page, you will see a link to your supplier's webpage.


    If you are a returning member, you will find a link to the Paraco customer portal where you can sign up for your propane needs.

    If you are an existing Paraco customer applying for MHFBC membership for the first time, Paraco will call you to set up your account to receive our discounted prices.

    New Paraco Gas customers will be contacted by a Paraco representative; who will set up an online account, determine your estimated usage, and arrange for a tank inspection or installation, and a credit check. Please allow five working days for the information from the MHFBC to be processed before calling Paraco to follow-through.

    Kosco Heritage/HopEnergy (Kosco)

    If you are a Kosco customer, new or returning, there will be a link provided on your account page. You will have 2 options when directed to the Kosco page: Are you a new member or are you a returning member? You will need to have your MHFBC membership ID number in both instances. This is found on your MHFBC account page.

    For those who are current customers of Kosco, you will need to have your Kosco account number. All applicants must use the same email address for both their Kosco and MHFBC accounts. Remember to click "Submit" when the form is complete. You will receive a confirmation email from Kosco within minutes of submitting the form, detailing your choices. Please keep a copy of this email, since it is an official contract made between you and Kosco. If you do not receive an email confirmation from them, please check your spam folder, and contact Kosco right away if it's not there. Not getting the confirmation email may indicate that you didn't complete their form properly. Once MHFBC receives confirmation from your supplier, you will receive an email from MHFBC. This email will let you know that your application process is complete and nothing more needs to be done.

    If you have multiple accounts: You will need to access and complete the Kosco link for each individual account/delivery address.

Estimating Usage

How can I best estimate next season's usage?

Fuel oil for an average family house in this region is 600 to 800 gallons. Kosco is able to help new members estimate their usage, based on previous year's usage and information about the house and household.

Returning Kosco customers can see the number of gallons delivered last season, by checking their invoices, available on the Kosco online account portal. You can add up to a 10% increase from last year's usage. Members are expected to order only the number of gallons that they reasonably expect to use. Excessive purchases (over 10% of actual usage) may be subject to fees equal to the early termination fees for any unused/purchased gallons.

Paraco Gas uses returning members' previous year's usage as a guide and automatically adds a 10% margin. New members should discuss usage with a Paraco representative, and agree on a number of gallons to estimate.

If you expect your usage to vary greatly from the previous year, please be sure to contact your supplier before signing the contract. Both suppliers are willing to work with customers to ensure the estimate is as accurate as possible. Due to the volatile nature of the fuel oil market and rapid changes in prices, Kosco will not be able to adjust estimates mid-season.

What happens if I underestimate the gallons?

The supplier may bill you the market rate for any fuel over the estimate.


What information will I need to provide, via the supplier's online portal or to the sales representative?

If you are already a customer of the supplier, please have your account number ready, and the estimated fuel usage for the year (See Estimating Usage above).

New members should also gather the following information:

New customers will be asked to agree to a credit check, and a physical inspection of their tank, line, and equipment.

Do the suppliers deliver to my address?

Our suppliers distribute fuel oil, propane and kerosene to the New York State counties of Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, Sullivan, Greene and Orange.

Are these two suppliers the only companies serving MHFBC members?

There are only two suppliers chosen for each heating season. For 2023-24 we have made agreements with one oil supplier (Kosco) and one propane supplier (Paraco), in order to offer our members these discounted prices.

Other suppliers may offer to match our negotiated prices, but it is important to check all the details before agreeing to their service. Other suppliers may charge tank rental or other fees, and they may also retain the option of increasing their prices later in the season.

What constitutes a contract with a supplier?

Agreeing to the terms and conditions and signing the supplier's online form, contracts you to the listed products and services on the contract at the prices listed. Be sure to keep a copy of this contract.

What are the payment terms of the contract?

All products will be on automatic delivery, with online autopay linked to a credit card or bank account preferred.

For Paraco members, there is no additional charge for budget billing or 30 day payment (Net 30), and no discount for prepayment.

For Kosco members, there are 3 payment options:

  1. Fixed price: You must pre-pay for the gallons you estimate for the season. Kosco will bill you soon after your contract is signed.
  2. Capped: You can choose to pay Net 30, or arrange for a budget plan at no additional charge. There will be a "downside" fee charge from Kosco for this option, based on the number of gallons you estimate. Kosco will bill you for this non-refundable downside fee, soon after your contract is signed.
  3. Variable: You pay on Net 30 terms.

What is the Average Newburgh Rack (ANR) price?

The Average Newburgh Rack (ANR) price is the price paid by home heating oil suppliers at the Newburgh terminal, where they collect their product. You can call Kosco Customer Service at 845-336-2000 to get the price of that day's delivery.

Propane Tanks

Will Paraco Gas deliver to me?

Paraco Gas will only deliver to their own tanks, or those that are owned by the customer and compliant with their safety regulations.

I am new to the MHFBC and a propane user. Can I purchase my own tank instead of having a Paraco Gas tank?

Yes, you may purchase your own tank. Paraco Gas is offering a 10% discount up to $500 to members who purchase a tank from them. Paraco only sells underground tanks, and you can find out about Paraco tanks here.

I own my propane tank. Will Paraco Gas deliver to me?

Paraco will inspect customer-owned tanks to ensure they comply with their safety regulations. They will bill you for any changes they have to make to your equipment in order to comply with their safety regulations.

I have propane tanks belonging to my previous supplier. Will Paraco Gas deliver to me?

Paraco Gas will only deliver to company tanks, or those that are owned by the customer and are compliant with their safety regulations. You may want to get an estimate for the removal of your current tank from your previous supplier, and to see if they will credit any unused propane.

Paraco Gas will replace the other company's tank with their own, at no cost, unless there is a need for adjustments to the piping or fittings. Paraco Gas will not charge a rental fee for their propane tanks. Once you have Paraco tanks, you can call your previous supplier and have them pick up their tank(s).

Service Contracts

Am I required to have a service contract?

You are not required to have a service contract, but we strongly advise having your heating system checked at least annually, both for the purposes of safety and fuel efficiency. You can have your equipment checked by an outside contractor, or by using one of our supplier's discounted service plans.

How can I find out about service contracts offered by the suppliers?

Go to the Prices page of our website. This page lists service plans by both suppliers, and links to the supplier's website where you can find details for each plan.

My chosen service plan offers an annual tune-up. When will it be scheduled?

Customers are responsible for scheduling the annual tune-up. Suppliers typically do not schedule tune-ups during the heating season, as their technicians are needed for maintenance and emergency calls. Please schedule a fuel oil tune-up as soon as possible, and well before the heating season starts. Scheduling a tune-up in the summer is a good idea, as the furnace will not be in use until October, and technicians will be more available. If 12 months have not passed since the last tune-up, your yearly contract will still renew at the anniversary of the current contract.

Can a service contract be transferred to the new owner if I sell my house?

Service contracts are non-transferrable.

Further Questions

I have a question concerning my contract, billing, delivery, or equipment. Who can help me?

Please contact your supplier directly for any questions regarding your contract; or issues involving billing, service, delivery, or equipment.

Fuel Oil Contact Information:

Email them at [email protected]
or call 845-336-2000.

Propane Contact Information:

Email them at [email protected]
or call 845-293-6201.

How can I contact MHFBC if I have any other questions?

You can post a question on our Facebook page, which we monitor closely. Also, earlier Facebook posts may already have the answer to your question. Alternatively you can Contact Us.

How can I get on your email list to receive updates and messages?

Registering an account with us will automatically get you on our email list.