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Links to membership applications for winter season 2021-2022

Please note that this year we are asking you to make an application based on the type of fuel you will be ordering. Each application requires a $10 non-refundable membership fee. If you are ordering fuel oil and propane you will fill in two membership applications and pay $10 per application. When your application has been successfully submitted you will get a confirmation email and within 2 days you will get an email with a link to the online payment system, SWIPE.

Link to application for fuel oil or kerosene

Within two days of paying the membership fee, fuel oil and kerosene customers will receive an email from the co-op with a link to the KoscoHeritage/HopEnergy personal portal where they will provide details regarding their fuel and service plan options and agree to the terms and conditions. Once signed online, this is your contract with KoscoHeritage/HopEnergy.

Link to application for propane

Within two days of paying the membership fee, returning members who are already customers of Paraco Gas will get an email with a link to the Paraco “My Account” page. New members, either new to Paraco or new to MHFBC, will get a call from Customer Service within a week to set up their account and, if they are new to Paraco, schedule an equipment inspection .

Please check our FAQ page on this website for more information.