Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information about the membership prices and the current supplier?
Click here for the information on this website. You can also go to our Facebook page.

Does the supplier deliver to my address?
Our supplier distributes fuel oil, propane and kerosene to Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia, Sullivan and Greene counties in NYS.

How do I join the co-op?
Click here to fill in the co-op application form. You will be able to pay the $15 non refundable fee online, or if you are unable to pay online, you may send a check, instructions are in the form.

How does the supplier get my information?
On receipt of your co-op application fee you will be sent to the supplier’s website form for co-op members. This form contains all the details needed for a contract for the upcoming heating season.

What information will I need to have for the supplier’s online form?
You should have the following information to hand:
Expected fuel usage for the year. (Estimate based on last year’s usage and plan for a cold winter)
New members should have in addition:
The approximate square footage of the house, the amount of fuel currently in the tank and the date of the last delivery.
Location and size of the tank and what the fuel is used for (for example: heating/hot water/cooking/generator/pool/dryer etc.)
New customers will be asked to agree to a credit check.
If you are already a customer of our supplier, please have your account number handy.

Will I get a contract after filling in the form?
Agreeing to the terms and conditions and signing the form online contracts you to the products and services you have listed. You will receive by a written confirmation for your records by email.

What period will my contract cover?
Your contract covers from the date you sign the contract to April 30th 2020. Each heating season requires a new membership and new contract.

What are the payment terms of the contract?
All products must be on auto delivery and auto pay is preferred. Payment is 30 days net and there is no charge for budget payments (10 months through April 2020) payable on the 10th of the month. There is no discount for prepayment.

What happens if I underestimate the gallons?
Our supplier may bill you the market rate for any fuel over the estimate.

What happens if I overestimate and do not take delivery of all the estimated fuel before April 30th?
In the past our supplier has given members the courtesy of delivering any left over amount in May at the co-op price. However they are not obligated to do so, and if the market dictates that they charge the market rate they may do so.

I have propane tanks belonging to my previous supplier, will your supplier deliver to me?
Our supplier will only deliver to company tanks or those that are owned by the customer and are compliant with their safety regulations. You may want to get an estimate for the removal of the tanks from your previous supplier. Our supplier will come and inspect your tanks and replace other company owned tanks with their own, at no cost and there is no rental fee for their propane tanks. You can then call your previous supplier and have them remove their tanks, they should give you a credit for any gas in those tanks.

I own my propane tank. Will your supplier deliver to me?
They will inspect your tank to insure it complies with their safety regulations. If so, they will deliver and if they need to make any adjustments they will bill you.

I need delivery to more than one address, do I have to pay for more than one membership?
You need to fill in only one membership application and pay only one $15 fee per member. Our supplier’s online form will allow you to enter more than one delivery address if necessary.

Do I have to have a service contract?
We strongly advise having your furnace checked at least annually both for safety and for fuel efficiency. You can have it checked by an outside contractor or by using one of our supplier’s discounted service plans.

I am a HEAP customer, will your supplier accept me?
Our supplier accepts HEAP customers.

How soon should I submit a membership application?
Membership for next heating season is open until 31st July 2019. Applications received after that date cannot be processed. We advise applying as soon as possible as there are a limited number of members.

How can I contact you if I have any questions?
You can post a question on our Facebook page which we monitor closely and earlier posts may already have the answer to your question. Alternatively you can ">email or call us at 845 762 5002.

How can I get on your email list to receive updates and messages?
You can use the sign up box on the Home page of this website or ">email at